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Top 5 Places To Go On Valentine’s Day

Every year, couples try to find ways to keep their love aflame and create exciting memories as they spend their time with each other. Maybe you already have something planned or want to try some suggestions on what to do on special occasions.

Nowadays, there are various romantic getaways that have all been targeted for love birds and if you haven’t seen them yet, read further to get an idea for the top places to go on Valentine’s Day.

Great Barrier Reef

Hold on! You might be thinking, “This doesn’t sound new at all” but there is nothing more romantic than diving under clear blue waters, watching as the fish swim by, and being surrounded by beautiful, multicolored marine life.

But that’s not the only activity you can do in the Great Barrier Reef. If you are wondering where to go, there are various other places that offer thrilling sights to discover such as the Daintree Rainforest. You may also go hot air ballooning, whitewater rafting, or go on a cruise along the outer reef.

Melbourne Star

Some of the best gifts are for free but if you want to make the experience more exciting, maybe you should splurge a little. Going on the Melbourne Star may sound like a cliché but the breathtaking view at the top would sure to make your partner’s heart skip a beat.

Being together in an enclosed space, you can have all the time in the world, just between the two of you as you look over the night sky above and the docks below illuminated with a plethora of lights, it will definitely be a great memento to keep.

Barossa Valley

If you want to venture into the countryside, then perhaps you may try going to Barossa Valley. Filled with vineyards where you can take a trip to taste the best wine that Australia has to offer, you will surely love to take your significant other on an adventure you will never forget.

Not only can you walk across the fields and enjoy the peace that nature brings, but you can also have your hair swept by the wind with another hot air balloon flight. And did we mention, you could have the chance to spend an afternoon picnic as you watch kangaroos living in their natural habitat.

Cradle Mountain

For those of you who may have a thrill-seeking bug in you, maybe going to the Cradle Mountain would be suited for you. Be at one with nature or go on a hiking adventure coupled with some canoeing if you are up to the task.

They also give you the option to ride the trail on a mountain bike or if you just want to casually stroll around, admiring the picturesque landscape, you can ride a horse and let your heart take you where you want to go.

Heart Reef

It may sound too cheesy but Heart Reef would never disappoint. Surrounded by pristine waters, the area itself has been cordoned off from tourists but you may still see it from a majestic point of view: in the air.

You will be taken on a flight to get a glimpse of the heart-shaped reef and take some pictures. It is as romantic as it is exhilarating to fly through the air and have a panoramic view of the place.

Best Valentine’s Getaway?

With these tips for Valentine’s Day, you are sure to spend an unforgettable joyride with your partner. May it be on a quiet mountain retreats or at the top of a Ferris wheel, you can enjoy every moment, discover more about each other, and find new ways to spark some romance in your relationship.

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